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Forex Crypto Leads







Premium High Potential & Targeted Forex Leads Cyprus

Financial Data that drives your success


Access Live Forex Crypto in Cyrus from anywhere and on any device. Forex Crypto Leads in owned by FCL Marketing, the default destination for one to get Forex and Crypto Leads in Europe, LATAM, and GCC countries. Forex Crypto Leads is the one-stop destination to get reliable worldwide leads, including France crypto leads as well as forex leads. Achieving satisfactory ROI in this high turmoil market can be a challenging task, but Forex Crypto Leads assists one with hot forex and crypto leads to get a daily 10 to 15 percent conversion with FTDS. Forex Crypto Leads is your super investing companion.


Forex Crypto Leads is a trading partner that you can trust. We offer reliable crypto and forex leads, providing our users with hot leads that are sure to get high returns on their investment. By following our German Forex leads in Israel, you can substantially benefit from your portfolio without even needing to do much.


Benefits of partnering up with Forex Crypto Leads:

  • Take advantage of the market volatility and get Germany Crypto Leads in Cyprus at your fingertips.

  • Get red hot leads of the market at your email address in just a couple of minutes

  • Fair pricing for reliable leads

  • Easy API Integration

  • A conversion rate of 13 to 20 percent

  • Geo-targeted leads like Spain Crypto Marketing in Cyprus leads allow one to invest in their comfort zone.


How do Forex Crypto Leads provide accurate hot leads?


We have a comprehensive forex and crypto database in Cyprus that allows us to make accurate predictions, even in such a volatile market. Our data-driven analysis allows us to stay ahead of our competitors and make accurate calls regarding the sale and purchase of forex and crypto. There is no secret sauce behind our success; it is all hard work and data analysis that allows us to provide our clients with the ability to secure their financial future. We also offer France forex CPA to interested parties.


Invest in Global markets with Forex Crypto Leads


With Forex Crypto Leads, you can get Germany Forex Email leads in Israel as well as crypto leads and make a sound decision about your investment. We have over 700 million databases and over 50k depositor leads in the Crypto/Forex vertical. And if our crypto and Forex Database in Cyprus are not enticing enough, then we also work on both CPA and CPL models. Yes, you can get leads on France crypto CPA and crypto at your fingertips.


Powerful and easy to use API integration with no hidden charges


Different format and integration barriers could easily make this already tricky task more challenging. Our API integration is extremely fast, with over 100 funnels to generate leads from. Forex Crypto Leads is more than just a data provider; we are with folks that are willing to challenge the world. And our Live Crypto Forex in Israel assists in their goal. And the seamless API integration is not even the best part (well, not the only best part). It is our fair Germany Forex CPA in Cyprus pricing with no hidden charges involved that truly takes the cake. That is right; there are no additional or hidden charges for any forex and crypto leads with Forex Crypto Leads.


Ready to Get started?


Take control of your financial destiny with Forex Crypto Leads. Simply connect with us at your convenience and immediately receive Spain Crypto Hot Leads in Cyprus via email or even at your Skype or Telegram ID. Join thousands of users that are taking advantage of Forex Crypto Leads and our hot leads in both the forex and crypto market. You simply cannot find a better companion for your German Forex Leads in Cyprus than Forex Crypto Leads.


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Forex Crypto Leads and take advantage of our offering today! You can also reach out to us via email at forexcryptoleads@protonmail.com for any queries you might have.




We provide 40-50 FTDS daily with a conversion rate of 10% to 15%. 

Traffic Sources 

We use Email/Native/Social and Search to generate the best leads possible.


On average we generate 400-500 Leads per Campaign.



We can deliver Worldwide leads but we specialised in European and GCC countries.


We have grown over 700 Million Database and over 50K Depositors leads in Forex/Crypto Vertical.

Intergation and Landing page

We prefer API integrations its Fast and we have over 100 Funnels to generate leads from.



We are offering live traffic / hot leads in Forex, Crypto, Binary and Gambling verticals. We are working both CPL and CPA models.

Our focus on Europe, GCC and LATAM currently. However we can bring traffic from other GEOs too.

We are using social media platforms, industry related direct publishers, display and native ads for generating traffic.

CPL: Minimum Purchase 300 Leads
CPA: Minimum Purchase 10 FTD

- Competitor Analysis
- Competitor Analysis
- Pre-Lander Setup
- Landing Page Setup
- API Integration
- 7/24 Support

Conversion rate averages from 13% to 20% depends on the offer, minimum FTD and GEO.





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