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European Forex and Crypto Leads.

Tired of bad leads and very very expensive ad campaigns which don't work ?

Don't worry, we are here to help you big time.

We provide leads to forex and crypto companies and call centres across the globe.

We offer leads in the verticals of Forex, crypto and recovery. Our leads are 100% verified and have been generated by live ads campaigns. It mean our leads offers the highest CR in the market today.

Leads to deposit is more than 8% with live traffic which is guaranteed.

The top countries which we have are:

  1. United Kingdom

  2. Germany

  3. Italy

  4. France

  5. Australia

  6. GCC region.

  7. Norway

  8. Netherlands

  9. Singapore

  10. Hong Kong

  11. Belgium

  12. Canada

  13. Nordics Region

  14. And other tier 1 and tier 2 countries.

What Kind of leads do we provide ?

  1. Live leads = Leads generated from live running ad campaigns.

  2. Hot Leads = Leads which are 24 Hours to 48 Hours old.

  3. Depositors leads = Leads of people who have deposited money in other exchanges.

  4. Targeted Leads = Leads of people who are looking to earn money in forex/crypto space.

  5. Database = Bulk files of people who are connected to forex crypto space.

How do we generate those leads ?

We generate leads by running live Ad campaigns.

Our top sources for lead generation are:

  1. Social Media.

  2. Search Engines.

  3. SMS Marketing.

  4. Native Ads.

How much do we charge ?

Price depends upon many factors like volume and model but on an average the prices are:

  1. Live Leads = $25/Lead.

  2. Hot Leads = $5/Lead.

  3. Depositor Leads = $3/Lead.

  4. Target Leads = $1/Lead.

  5. Database = $5000/100K.

How do you receive leads ?

For Live leads we can do API Integration and connect the campaign directly to your CRM.

So, all the leads which will be generated will go directly to your CRM.

For others, we can send you the file in your email or skype.

For more information you can use our live Chat Box or email us at , we will be happy to grow your company.


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